For our last bakery practical we learnt pastillage which is an icing used to decorate bakery products. It is made using icing sugar, liquid glucose, rose water, gelatin and corn flour for making the dough in the end.  We made vanilla and cinnamon cupcakes which were used to decorate with pastillage. We chose the space theme and decoarated the cupcakes with all edible decorations.  The other … Continue reading Pastillage¬†

Celebration of International Chefs Day

Over the last one month there have been various activities going on for the International Chefs Day which is celebrated on the 20th of October each year. There were individual competitions in all of our food production practicals. In the advanced bakery practical we had to prepare one cold dessert and plate it creatively. While the competition in American practical was even more interesting as … Continue reading Celebration of International Chefs Day


Another Italian dessert, zabaglione is light and foamy. Infact the name is derived from the word ‘zapillare’ which means ‘to foam’. Zabaglione is made by whisking egg yolks, wine, sugar together over a gentle heat. It can be served hot or cold. Zabaglione can be made using dry white wine, sweet white wine, fortified wine or a mixture with a liqueur like Chartreuse or with … Continue reading Zabaglione