Celebration of International Chefs Day

Over the last one month there have been various activities going on for the International Chefs Day which is celebrated on the 20th of October each year. There were individual competitions in all of our food production practicals. In the advanced bakery practical we had to prepare one cold dessert and plate it creatively. While the competition in American practical was even more interesting as … Continue reading Celebration of International Chefs Day

Menu 5 #CuisinesOfAmerica

Chili con carne and chili con queso with tortilla chipsĀ  This is a warm and very creamy dish made with black beans and refried beans. The tortilla chips are crunchy and freshly made.           Chicken fajitasĀ  Fajitas are a Mexican snack which is stuffed with fresh vegetables or chicken or anything you like. They are served with tangy sour cream, creamy … Continue reading Menu 5 #CuisinesOfAmerica

Menu 3 #CuisinesOfAmerica

  Great deviled eggs We gave a different presentation to the regular deviled eggs. We represented a whole egg, half an egg and a quarter wedge of boiled egg. The mixture was made using egg yolks, tobasco, mustard, salt and white pepper. We re-shaped this mixture to represent boiled eggs.       Ciuppin   This is a seafood stew made of clams, fresh crab, … Continue reading Menu 3 #CuisinesOfAmerica

Menu 2 #CuisinesOfAmerica

Today’s menu was Wisconsin beer and cheese soup, shrimp etoufee, chicken a la king with cashew-mushroom pate. Wisconsin beer and cheese soup This soup is very similar to a chowder and is made from mashed potatoes and flavored with beer, onions and garlic. It is a warm soup with a creamy and smooth texture.       Shrimp etoufee A seafood preparation which is flavoured … Continue reading Menu 2 #CuisinesOfAmerica

Menu 1 #CuisinesOfAmerica

Clam chowder Clam chowder also known as New England clam chowder is a warm and creamy soup consisting of clams and potatoes. The name of this soup may change according to where it is made. The other ingredients used were celery, onions, bayleaf, pork and dill. A whole clam, dill, cherry tomato and carrots were used for the garnish. Old fashioned potato salad This salad … Continue reading Menu 1 #CuisinesOfAmerica